Join Our Taste of the Masterclass Tantra for Couples

A Sneak Peek at the 3 Month Program

Are you considering joining our masterclass, but feel like something is holding you back? Let us offer you a FREE introduction and find out what our Masterclass Tantra for Couples is all about!

Enroll now and experience what tools, resources, and workshops we offer in order to make a deeper and more intimate connection with your partner.

What’s Included in the Taste?

With over 2 hours of video and loads of extra (and did we mention free?) content, we provide how-to tantric massage, various lectures, and practical exercises… enough for you to carry-out your very own Tantric Date Night!

The Taste is completely free of charge, and you will have access for 14 days, so plenty of time to take it slow and see if the full 3-month Masterclass is for you!

Enroll now and you can start exploring immediately.

In the free videos available to you, you will get an:

  • Introduction to our guided intimate Tantric massages and an additional Tantric touch exercise
  • Overview of the structure of our Date Nights
  • Several exquisite, deep, and hands-on practices that you can use right away
  • Fragments from our lectures that touch on several sex-centric topics
  • A powerful breathing exercise that will connect you to your own body and pleasure
  • A special Tao massage.

After getting the Taste of our Tantra for Couples Masterclass, we are certain you will be excited to join the full course. Our Masterclass: Tantra for Couples will guide you through a 3 month transformational and deeply intimate journey with your partner that is based on both mental and physical relaxation and awareness, as well as sensual and sexual pleasure throughout the whole body. You will learn a variety of effective sexual techniques, learn how to communicate more openly and honestly, and create the sexual experiences and intimacy that you both crave. We will equip you with the knowledge and practical exercises to enjoy a lifetime of passionate and epic sex together.