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Next kick-off: 19 October 2022 (Online meetups: Dutch spoken)

The Online Masterclass Tantra for Couples is a Journey to Deepen Your Intimate Connection

Do you feel it’s time to…
Reach new levels of chemistry?
Unlock your full orgasmic potential?
Experience a nourishing sexual connection?
Enjoy 3 months of pure excitement together?

Then our Masterclass is for you!

About the Masterclass Tantra for Couples

The Masterclass: Tantra for Couples will guide you through a 3 month transformational and deeply intimate journey with your partner that is based on both mental and physical relaxation and awareness, as well as sensual and sexual pleasure throughout the whole body. You will learn a variety of effective sexual techniques, learn how to communicate more openly and honestly, and create the sexual experiences and intimacy that you both crave. We will equip you with the knowledge and practical exercises to enjoy a lifetime of passionate and epic sex together. 

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How does a lifetime of epic sex and lasting passion sound to you?

If you have a deep desire to reach new levels in the bedroom, this 3 month masterclass will help you do just that, teaching you how to be more masterful in the bedroom.

This Masterclass brings together the very best practices that I have taught to hundreds of couples over the years. I have seen over and over again that couples who chose to invest in their relationship and sex life by doing the exercises in this program, became closer than ever, experienced a deeper connection and stronger flow of sexual energy.


What’s included in Our Masterclass

6 Tantric Date Nights

Every 2 weeks we will provide you with a new Tantric Date Night. These Date Nights are around 90 minutes long and are meant for you and your partner to spend intentional, quality time together.

Each date night is full of fun exercises, deep practices and real life demonstrations for you to follow. Follow along to the instructional videos I provide, which will allow you to embody every aspect of tantric sexuality with your partner.

6 Live Online Meet-ups

Every 2 weeks, we will have a 60-90 minutes live online sharing circle. I’ll be facilitating this meet-up, offering you guidance and support in your intimate journey with your partner, and help you prepare for the date nights so you get the best possible experience.

During this time, you, together with the other couples, will have the opportunity to share your experiences, ask questions, and talk about the insights, celebrations and challenges that you had doing the Date Night.

Continued Support from me & the community

Of course, your intimate journey with your partner will not end after 3 months. That is why you can participate in every new edition of the Masterclass, and join the bi-monthly meet-ups.

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Lifetime Access & More

You can revisit the Date Nights, lectures and all the bonus content forever. And that’s not all: if new content (exercises, massages, audio lectures, handbooks,…) becomes available in the Masterclass, we will let you know so you can profit from this as well!

We Will Explore 6 Sensual Topics

Cock Devotion

Become an Expert of Male Pleasure Anatomy & Orgasmic Potential to make him the King of Pleasure

Pussy Devotion

Become an Expert of Female Pleasure Anatomy & Orgasmic Potential to make her the Queen of Pleasure.


Embody all Tantric Key Foundations that will boost your sexual energy and bring you to Multiorgasmic Bliss.

Sexual Intelligence

Discover your Desires in a playful way and learn how to act on them. Become an absolute pro in reading body language so you will feel connected on new levels.

Supercharge Yourself

Experience how to become the Master of Your Own Body, pleasure and sexual energy.

Unlock the Eros Vault

Discover the 6 Secrets of Highly Erotic Couples that will multiply chemistry between you.

Meet your Masterclass Guides

Yves Bonroy – Sex and Intimacy Coach

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With over 10 years of experience, I am a sex educator and coach specialized in tantra. Ten years ago I quit my job as a lawyer and became a student of different tantra schools in both Europe and Asia studying the ancient wisdom of sexuality combined with spirituality. I also trained as a coach in Psychosexual Somatics Therapy, a body-oriented therapy combining neuroscience, trauma therapy, attachment theory, psychotherapy, energy psychology, and bodywork disciplines.

I have worked as a professional tantric bodyworker and tantric gigolo, working with hundreds of couples helping them to connect more intimately, to restore passion, pleasure and polarity in their sex lives, and become better lovers. I am also a men’s coach, teaching men from all walks of life to harness their sexual energy as a powerful means for inner growth and personal transformation.

Annemarie Reilingh- Female Sex Therapist

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Annemarie has been working as a therapist for 21 years. She started out with treating the more functional pelvic floor issues. She evolved into treating women’s pelvic- and sexual health issues from a more integrated perspective with therapy modalities like haptotherapy and Integral Pelvic Therapy.

She co-created an online course for women to explore sexuality with themselves hands-on on the platform Hundreds of women have ‘taken her to bed’ (in audio guided self-pleasure exercises). Her expertise in this field makes her an excellent addition to our team. Next to this, she’s also happy to be a science-nerd and a researcher in the field of sexual health.

Curious if this Masterclass is for you?

Read testimonials from previous Masterclass participants and see how it changed their sexual intimacy and sensual connection.

Want a sneak peak at what we offer in our Masterclass?

Sign up now for our FREE Taste of the Masterclass: Tantra for Couples. This will give you insight into what our full program is all about, with free access to lectures, practical exercises and structured Tantric Date Nights!