Sexual Mastery Program (for men)

Imagine having a deep connection and trust in your own body in any sexual situation and experiencing a deep intimate connection, fun, excitement, exploration, joy and pleasure with a partner. 

You can enjoy the sexual dance as long as you want, not having to worry about having an erection or not or premature ejaculation. You have a great capacity to experience pleasure in many different ways, including different orgasms and orgasmic states. You have a healthy integrated relationship to sex, enjoy a strong sexual vitality, and feel more confident and empowered inside the bedroom and in other areas of your life.

This programme is a practical journey that will guide you to experience all of this, ultimately BEING a better lover, of (wo)men and of life. We will guide you to step out of the box, and shift everything you have ever learned, been taught or heard about sex and intimacy.

Through group discussion, presentations, demonstrations, and coaching tools we will lead you through this transformational journey. You will see your sexual experience and history of sex from different perspectives that help you grow out of any patterned behaviours that no longer serve you, as we guide you to a new expanded level of sexual experience, skill, wisdom and confidence to help you enjoy the best sex of your life.


Hearing directly from and interacting online with women we bring to present during the programme – you will learn what really turns women on and what they seek from a male lover as you embark on your own journey into your own sexuality and discover the keys to unlock your sexual potency and enjoy the best sex of your life. And Yves will also demonstrate live to you during one of the sessions how a deeply intimate and sexual interaction with a woman may look like (no explicit nudity involved nor necessary).

This programme is not about offering simple tips, tricks or techniques. The internet is full of them! Some may actually help men DO better in the bedroom.

What if what you are doing is based on the wrong assumptions, beliefs, outlook and ideas? 

This is almost always the case as society, our parents, families, friends and peers have conditioned us with erroneous cultural, medical and religious messages around sex and what it is supposed to be. 

On this programme, you will learn… 

  • How to unlock your full sexual potential and power
  • What great sex looks like and how to create it
  • All you need to know about female sexuality, the science of desire and what women really want from us in the bedroom
  • Getting very clear on what you really want – your desires and goals – and understanding what’s holding you and your partner back from having more frequent and better sex
  • How to lead a woman (or man) through a sexual experience that is fulfilling and satisfying for both of you
  • New ways of having sex that deepen pleasure, connection and intimacy
  • Basic elements of tantric sex practices
  • How to move sexual energy around the body to prolong love-making
  • The importance of presence and holding space for your partner
  • What polarity is and how to create it to ignite the sexual spark
  • All about the genitals – where the hot buttons are and how to play with them to create great sexual experiences for you and your partner
  • How to read the bodily signs of your lover/s
  • All about orgasms and how to experience greater pleasure and different, more fulfilling orgasmic states
  • To serve your partner’s sexual desires as well as receive sexual pleasure without sex declining into a boring transactional process
  • How to work with shame to explore deeper aspects of our sexuality to unlock greater pleasure and intimacy with your lover/s
  • How to communicate all your desires with ease and finesse
  • A deep connection and trust in your body and genitals in any sexual situation
  • How to delay ejaculation at your will and last as long as you like
  • How to change your personal sexual narrative (that you have been conditioned to believe from an early age) and create a healthy, integrated relationship to sex
  • How to bring your sexual mastery and sense of confidence and aliveness outside of the bedroom to support you in thriving in all aspects of your life.

If you have little experience sexually or you have a wealth of sexual experience:
Either way you will gain new insights to sex, discover what you really want and what’s holding you back, and how you can liberate your sexual experiences.


“I took the 2021 Sexual Mastery Course and at first was very apprehensive as to whether I could get any value from it.

At the age of 52 I was slightly stuck in my ways around sex after all many women tell me how good I am in bed so what could they teach me.

I couldn’t be more wrong I learnt how to actually be more in touch with what I was feeling and then in turn please and be pleased by a woman from that more connected stand point.

One of my goals was not to keep ejaculating and before the course ended, I got to that place which I was so happy with and even though I know it is going to be a journey to get to a place where I feel I have full control over my ejaculation this was an awesome place to start.

For me this course was worth every penny and it taught me so much about sex and how we view sex from a closed place and miss out on the immense beauty and connection that we can achieve with sex.

If your considering doing this course and are on the fence I would say definitely do it, as it will open new doors to where your sex life could go

Thanks again Rowan and Yves for putting this together and thanks to all the guys on the group that were just so welcoming and non-judgemental about anything that came up.

Thank you!”

— EW, UK



“I took part in Rowan and Yves’s Sexual Mastery Course because I wanted to be a better sexual partner to a woman who is more sexually experienced than me. 

As a committed lover, I wanted to deal with different issues that had plagued me from childhood and also wanted support in pursuing new things as well.  In fact, I was already looking for resources to help me, but I brought my search to an end when I discovered the course, even though I had to overcome the initial feeling of awkwardness being part of an actual group.

The biggest benefit I got from the course was the realisation that I was not alone with my different issues. Whether it related to performance, delaying ejaculation, dominance or fulfilling deep desires, I found everyone else was in the same boat. 

Normalising my own issues was the first step to developing them and that was an amazing breakthrough. 

I know it might sound weird taking a course in sexual mastery. But for people who are always trying to improve themselves in every aspect of their lives, you can either spend your time scouring the web, reading articles etc and do everything in a silo… OR… you can just take the course.

My advice? Take the course!”


About Your Presenters

This programme draws on the presenters’ own experience of this journey over many years.

Yves Bonroy

Sex Educator, Men’s/Couples Coach, Former professional Bodyworker and Tantric gigolo

About Yves

Yves Bonroy is a sex educator and coach having originally trained in law. Ten years ago he quit his job as a lawyer, and became a student of different tantra schools in both Europe and Asia studying these ancient wisdoms of sexuality combined with spirituality. He also trained as a coach in Psychosexual Somatics Therapy, a body-oriented therapy combining neuroscience, trauma therapy, attachment theory, psychotherapy, energy psychology and bodywork disciplines.

Since quitting his legal career he has been a professional tantric bodyworker and tantric gigolo and worked with hundreds of couples helping them to connect more intimately, to restore passion, pleasure and polarity in their sex lives and become better lovers.

Nowadays, Yves is both a couples and a men’s coach. Working with men from all walks of life, he teaches them to  harness their sexual energy as a powerful means for inner growth and personal transformation. Throughout the year, Yves runs different live and online couples and men workshops and programmes.

With over 10 years and more than 10,000 hours of learning and practice in sexual mastery and coaching, Yves now helps men and women transform their lives by helping them gain confidence, freedom and joy in the bedroom.

Yves Bonroy

Yves’ Journey…

“All through my teenage years and much of my twenties I experienced a mixture of confusion, performance anxiety and frustration when having sex. It seemed impossible to figure out what women actually wanted in the bedroom, and what my role should be.”

“I had this deep and unexplainable urge to merge with the woman, to dissolve into each other so completely that there would be nothing left of me or her. To become one with two bodies. Yet I had no idea how to achieve that.”

“Back then, I didn’t know that this was even possible and that one day I would be able to experience this consistently with any woman.”

I searched everywhere for answers. Watching porn, surfing the internet for tips and tricks and asking for advice from my male friends. All the advice I found fell short of the answers I was looking for. Then I discovered Tantra and everything changed.

I got to see just how much of my self worth was hung up on my bed partners’ assessment and approval of my sexual performance. This revelation very quickly changed my sexual landscape beyond recognition. I found out that sex could be infinitely more fulfilling than mere penetration and an orgasm that lasted a few seconds. 

That’s when I quit my lawyer job and dedicated myself to studying the art of real sex and intimacy. I worked relentlessly to overcome all the obstacles that were holding me back. I also let go of deeply ingrained false beliefs about sex and sexuality, and replaced them with healthy and empowering ones.

During that period of training and professional practice as a bodyworker and gigolo, my body got so sensitive that I was able to use it as an antenna to feel a woman’s body as if it was my own.

Rowan Andrews

Founder of No More Mr. Nice Guy® UK and the Breaking Free Bootcamp™, Workshop facilitator, Men’s coach & Couples relationship coach

About Rowan

Rowan is the founder of the No More Mr. Nice Guy® Men’s Group, one of the largest and most active men’s groups in the UK. He is an accredited No More Mr. Nice Guy coach, a workshop facilitator, men’s coach and couples relationship coach. 

For more than 12 years Rowan has been helping private individuals, couples and groups, as well as businesses and organisations, to embrace the change necessary to elicit growth – personal, sexual, financial/economic and spiritual growth. 

After being confronted with the limits his own Nice Guy tendencies were putting on his life, he began an intensive programme of recovery to break free and live a life of his own making. 

Rowan’s Journey

His exploration of the Nice Guy Syndrome led him to the USA to work with Dr Robert Glover, author of the book No More Mr. Nice Guy – A Proven Plan for Getting What You Want in Love, Sex and Life. 

Returning home, Rowan saw the scale of the problem of the Nice Guy Syndrome in the UK and launched the No More Mr. Nice Guy® UK Men’s Group in 2017. 

Since then he has had a particular focus on helping men who identify as ‘Nice Guy’s’, and supporting them in their recovery from the Nice Guy Syndrome through one to one coaching, Men’s Groups, seminars and workshops. He is also a couples relationship coach, helping partners enjoy better sex and a greater depth of intimacy and connection. 

Part of Rowan’s Nice Guy recovery journey included a deep exploration into his own sexuality, a journey prompted by the ending of a long term relationship.

During that journey he studied and practised a variety of ancient and contemporary sexual and spiritual practices and explored open and polyamorous relationship structures. Having had dozens and dozens of sexual experiences in that time, with women and men, become a BDSM ‘Master’, and facilitated workshops on sexuality and relationships, he has been bringing what he learned on his journey to his clients ever since.

Frequently asked questions

It’s a six month coaching programme and it’s all about becoming a better lover. It’s actually about mastering the self to enable men to have really great sex. So men are going to be presented with a lot of new ideas, tools, and concepts and presentations that will help them learn how to be waving a lovers and to experience a different kind of sex, you know, sex.

That’s better than just heading towards a few seconds of an orgasmic experience, but getting into the realms of deeper orgasmic pleasure. And this is going to make a profound difference in men’s lives because it’ll open up a whole world of sex to them that’s currently not available.

This programme is for you if you want to have better sex than you’re having right now, or if the sex you’re having leaves you dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

This program is also for you if you are interested in creating a new sexual paradigm where there is no need for performance anxiety, and where you will lay the foundations for experiencing a new and vastly more fulfilling, more pleasurable, more intimate and connected way of engaging in sex.

  • It’s for you if you are uncertain about whether your bed partners like what you’re doing in the bedroom.
  • It’s for you if you have erectile issues, want to improve your sexual stamina, worry about your capacities as a lover or are coping with shame or guilt around the topic of sex.
  • It’s for you if you would like to experience different kinds or ecstatic and orgasmic experiences than what you and most people (men and women) out there know.
  • It’s for you if you want to discover, embrace and communicate your true sexual desires.
  • It’s for you if you have already tried other things out there to improve your sexual skills.
  • It’s for you whether or not you are single right now.

What makes this programme different from other programmes out there is that in this programme, we are going to debunk the unconscious ideas around sex and intimacy that most of us have been conditioned to believe from an early age, ideas that makes us feel insecure, unsafe, anxious about our performance, and incapable of experiencing the fullness of sexual pleasure that we are all able to, and replace this with a new sexual paradigm that is much more fulfilling, connected, pleasurable, for both you and your bed partners. 

We will not only offer you a completely different way of how to experience real sex, we will also provide you with the tools and guide you in the transformational work necessary to integrate this in your life. 

A lot of what you may find online is merely about offering you techniques and tools that tap into a feeling of inadequacy, of needing to perform during sex of needing to have more stamina or a harder erection, or of making sure your partner experiences more intense orgasms. These tools and techniques build on what we think of as good sex. 

And because in our society a proper sexual education is lacking, our beliefs and ideas of what constitutes good sex are based on what we see in the movies and porn, what our parents and teachers told us and what our peers shared with us. These beliefs are very limited and mistaken at best, very damaging to our emotional health and self-worth at worst. 

Often, these tools and techniques build on top of an unquestioned belief that sex is performance-based and first and foremost about pleasing your bed partner. And even though these will sometimes make you a little bit of a better lover, these are still based on erroneous belief systems that will not enable you to fully start owning your sexuality, let go of performance anxiety, shame and guilt, or to experience the depth, liberation and ecstasy that real, connected sex has to offer.

A deep connection and trust in your body and penis in any sexual situation

  • Last as long as you’d like
  • Delay ejaculation at your will
  • Greater pleasure and experience multiple orgasmic states
  • A healthy integrated relationship to sex
  • Feel more confident and empowered in the bedroom and in other areas of your life
  • Feel stronger sexual vitality

We’ll show you that by having ‘real sex’ you’ll not only improve your sex life, but also expand your experience of yourself and your ability to have better, deeper relationships.

Real sex is about showing up authentically as you, no-one else. Showing up with all your neediness and insecurities as well as your desires and power, rather than playing out a character or playing out how we think we should be in bed that we’ve learned from the distorted messages we’ve received from the world around us. 

Most of us are unaware of our beliefs about sex. The truth is they are more likely to reflect others’ beliefs about what sex should be than they are to reflect our truth to our partners, the better and more ‘real’ sex becomes.

Real sex is about pleasure, not performance. By allowing pleasure to be the driver of our sexuality, rather than “am I doing it right? Is my partner enjoying this? Am I good enough?” or whatever other performance-based thoughts might be arising, we open up a whole new world of sex and sexual pleasure and fulfilment. In short, real sex is all about the body and nothing to do with the mind!

It starts with finding out what’s important for you, what it is that you really desire? That’s the first step. And what we’ve seen a lot of men do, is that they have a sort of idea of what they would like sexually, but it doesn’t really go to the core of what’s important for them as a lot of men had a lot of shame around this topic and they don’t even know that well, what they want, but even if they do it’s difficult for them to own this desire.

And by also helping you on this path of owning desires, of communicating these desires, that will immensely change your sexual dynamics as well with your partner or with a partner that you’re going to meet, because you’ll be confident in what you like and what you don’t, and that will make a big difference.

And also there’s the issue of safety, you have to create safety, and we’ll be teaching how to create that safety, and to play sexually within a framework of safety, so you can really allow yourself to do what feels great for you and your partner.

Owning desires, debunking belief systems, working with shame and guilt etc, and doing all of that in a safe way, that’s what it’s about. That is the pathway we’ll be taking you on.

Absolutely. No problem. The good thing about this programme is that you can join whether or not you have a girlfriend. The sexual and intimate connection that you can experience with someone else can only be as deep as the connection you have to yourself and your own body.

You use your own bodily sensations as an antenna to tune into your bed partners body. That is what sexual embodiment means and what this programme is all about. Whether or not you have a girlfriend in this programme, doesn’t matter. We will be guiding you to connect deeper with your sexual desires, to embrace, own and communicate these, and how to connect and stay present with your body during sexual play, magnifying your capacity for sexual pleasure while letting go the blockages that stand in the way, like shame or performance anxiety, and replacing it with more confidence, joy and sexual freedom.

This is a deeply personal process that is unique for you, and in which we will guide you. Of course we will be giving you you all the tools you need to invite any woman into a new sexual paradigm with you so you can enjoy real sex together, but these will only work when you also go through this personal transformation yourself.

This programme is a transformational journey in which you will learn how to deeply connect with your own body and what’s important to you in the areas of sex and intimacy, and how to own and communicate these to others.

By letting go of erroneous belief systems of how you, your sexuality, sex and intimacy ought to be, and embracing and embodying new truths that are uniquely true to you, your confidence will grow as you will feel and experience that you, as the sexual human being that you are, warts and all, are exactly the way you should be.

This almost certainly will also make you feel more confident and empowered outside of the bedroom in other areas of your life. When you know what’s really important to you in the areas of sex and intimacy, and you’re not afraid to share this with the outside world, meeting and dating with women will become more straightforward, honest and – very likely – more fun too.

You will never be able to feel your partner better than you can feel yourself. So if you want to experience real sex, and deeply fulfilling sexual pleasure, connecting with your own bodily sensations is the key. Pleasure really is of the body, not of the mind.

Many men are focused on their partner’s pleasure. “Am I doing it right? Is this what (s)he likes?” This often becomes a mind game, where we – men and women alike – are trying to work out and anticipate what’s going on in our partner’s head and what we think they want us to do. This not only causes a disconnection between you and your partner, it also makes for boring and repetitive sex. Basically, 9 times out of 10 we’ll be doing exactly what we have done before, based on what seemed to work in the past. The result is two people have sex by themselves together, being more in their heads and sometimes in their genitals, but not present in their bodies.

By learning how to really connect and stay present with your body, you will be able to use your body as an antenna to tune into your partner’s body, and that is when the magic happens. That is when sex changes from a mind game, a chess game (if I do this, then (s)he will do/think/feel, that….) to an intuitive sexual dance, sexual art, where sexual energy moves unobstructed through two bodies. And once you have gotten your first glimpses of what actually is possible in the sexual realm, you will never want to go back to how it was before.

Connecting with your body boring? Not at all. To be more precise: it is the most exciting thing in the world. And we are going to help you rewire your brain and body to do this.

It sure is. Even though we’ll be referring mostly to heterosexual examples in our language, we are really talking about universal, not gender-based, principles. Connecting with your own body, your own sexuality, connecting sexually and intimately with another human being, the science of arousal, creating safety, consent etc, it doesn’t matter whether you are attracted to cis- or transgender people.

Having said that, this programme is for men only (people who have a penis and were born with a penis) and we want to ring-fence that so that this is a container for men to do their work together on this subject, as men.

For 6 months, we’ll be meeting every two weeks for two and a half hours with the same group of men. As we’ll be meeting with the same group of men during this time, you will get to know each other well. This will strengthen the safe container in which we we’ll be presenting and talking about ideas and concepts that will be new to you, and the way that you approach sex. And also we’ll be having discussions. Sometimes coaching, and you’ll be learning through the conversations and discussions that we have. It will be as much a process of unlearning and letting go of erroneous beliefs, letting go of blockages that prevent you from experiencing real sex, as it is about presenting you with new ideas and information.

It’s about going through a kind of unlearning process as well, unlearning the ways that we’ve learned to have sex.

You will do (non-sexual) exercises with each other during our meetings, that we will share about and discuss afterwards with the whole group. We’ll also be giving you homework and practices that you can do and take home and take to the bedroom on your own, with or without a partner. We’ll be debriefing those and in the next session. And that will be how the learning goes, how men will receive the wisdom that’s in this programme.

We’ll be inviting women/female assistants during some meetings. They will share their perspective on what real sex is, what they are longing for from men and during sexual interactions, and teach about the female anatomy and pleasure potential. On several occasions, and when appropriate, you may do an (talking, clothes on) exercise with them.