Yoni egg

3 Reasons why you want a Yoni Egg on your night shelf

Yoni Eggs are the best kept secret.

No, this is not the latest sex toy trend or a new hype. Actually, Yoni Eggs go way back – about 5000 years. In Ancient China, the courtesans of the Royal Palace came together to share their secret Taoist sexual arts. They practiced with eggs carved out of jade to awaken their sensuality, access their sexual power, and maintain exquisite vitality and health. It was a highly sacred practice, and only for those who were chosen by the emperor.

More and more women are discovering the amazing benefits of Yoni Eggs.

Working with Yoni Eggs is a great way to connect on a deeper level with your sexuality, to increase your sensitivity and to give you control over vaginal muscles you probably didn’t even know you had. Yogi Eggs can help improve and transform your (and your partner’s) experience of lovemaking. Also, it has amazing benefits for woman’s health and can be a wonderful way to heal pain during sex or trauma.

Well, sounds good so far. But perhaps you hear that little voice in your head saying…. Isn’t this weird? Do you really put that thing inside my vagina? Uhhh gosh. Ok. Take a deep breath in and out. Some things can sound weird when you hear about it for the first time, and Yoni Eggs might just fall into that category. A little strange, but it also tickles your curiosity.

I got my first Yoni Egg as a present from my sister. I had no idea what it was, but I was curious and wanted to know more. So full of enthusiasm I sat down with my egg, and the laptop next to me where I had found some YouTube tutorials. To be totally honest with you, it was not what I would call a great experience. I did not feel anything. I was confused. I had no idea what I was meant to feel or meant to do. Needless to say, the gift went into my drawer and stayed there for a while.

Years later I joined a teacher training called Sacred Femininity, where we learned to use the Yoni Egg step by step and with great guidance.

This is the moment I fell in love with my Yoni Egg. And for the first time I thought: “Now I understand why women are raving about their Yoni Egg practice!” Already after several weeks, I felt such a difference in how my pelvic floor, my yoni and my whole body was feeling. So much more connected, sensitive and relaxed. Also on an emotional level, I felt like I was able to release a bunch of tension, memories and trauma – some of which I didn’t even know I had carried around with me for so long.

The Yoni Egg is without doubt the most effective and pleasurable way to release tension in your pelvic floor and to bring back more sensitivity to your yoni.

When your pelvic floor is more relaxed, you canfeel it in your whole body. You will feel more comfortable in your skin, and it will completely change your experience of having sex. Yoni Egg practice is fundamentally different from kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are mainly focused on strengthening the vaginal muscles. I have very mixed feelings about this.

Based on my experience as a sexuological bodyworker, I see that the majority of women have too much tension in the muscles of the pelvis and the vagina. A main factor in this is stress, and also that we sit a lot. Another important factor is that the way we have, or had, sex was not always very considerate towards the sensitivity of the yoni.Sometimes, we were penetrated too soon, too quick, too rough. Women’s bodies, and yonis in particular need time to open, and to receive penetration fully.

Yes, we want a strong yoni, but even moreso we want a soft and relaxed yoni. Kegel exercises and vibrators will not help you get a softer, more sensitive yoni and feel more connected. To the contrary even! With kegel exercises you create more tension, and vibrators make your yoni less sensitive and a bit numb. Therefore you need more and more intense stimulation to get an orgasm. The Yoni Egg helps you to bring the sensitivity back into your yoni and enable you to experience other, deeper orgasms like vaginal, G-spot or full body orgasms.

If you practice regularly with the Yoni Egg, you’ll notice positive effects on your feminine health and hormonal balance.

Many women report a more regular cycle, and less PMS. Women who struggle with their menstruation, often mention a shorter period of bleeding and less pain. Also vaginal dryness and pain during sex can really heal by practicing with the Yoni Egg. During pregnancy, the use of Yoni Eggs is not recommended. But in the post-partum period, the Yoni Egg is a great tool to get your yoni ‘back in shape’ and to regain your hormonal balance.

The Yoni Egg is a gentle and loving way to heal unprocessed emotions and traumas, and release pain in the pelvic floor area.

We all carry some sort of trauma with us. Traumas can be big or small. Sometimes we don’t even know where a trauma or unprocessed emotion comes from, but the body has a tremendous capacity to remember. Maybe you had sex once while your body and heart did not feel a ‘yes’. Maybe you were penetrated while your vagina was not ready yet. Maybe the sex was too hard and did not feel good, but you thought “This will be over soon, so I will not be difficult now and make a fuss.” Or a multitude of other experiences that can induce trauma. Because practicing with the Yoni Egg teaches you to listen and communicate lovingly with your yoni, you’ll learn what your body really wants and needs. Learning to listen to your own body, and choosing to act accordingly – is one of the most empowering things you can do.

It is a true act of self-love.

Do you want to learn to work with Yoni Eggs in a safe and loving setting? I regularly teach a 5 week training, where you’ll learn step-by-step how to practice with the Yoni Egg and how to create a steady personal practice to keep using it at home. There is something very profound about sharing this practice in a group of women. For me, the depth and the beauty of this ritual really adds to the feeling of connecting on a deeper level with my body, my yoni, my sexuality and my pleasure. And at the same time, I feel emotionally so much lighter and more sensual and free.

When I was a child, I always wanted to have ‘Kinder Surprise Eggs’ – a chocolate egg with a little gift or toy inside. And I also remember that, after the initial excitement of getting a toy, I soon lost interest and forgot about the toy at all.

Now being an adult woman, I found the egg that truly has a surprise for me to offer. A gift that is way beyond what I could have ever imagined. And I learned – the Yoni Egg is not a toy, to be left in a corner after the initial excitement has faded away. It was definitely not love at first sight between me & my egg, but now it feels like a great love affair and partner in crime on my path of reclaiming my sexuality!

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